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Join a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of the education and general welfare of children and youth of normal or potentially normal intelligence who have learning disabilities of a perceptual, conceptual or coordinative nature or related problems.

What Does LDA/IL Do for You?
Here are some of the activities of our volunteer organization which benefit the learning disabled in Illinois:
> Monitor and advise on special education legislation at the federal and state levels.
> Monitor and advise the Illinois State Board of Education on issues dealing with learning disabled students.
> Provide advocacy information and support to parents, learning disabled individuals and professionals.
> Provide scholarships for secondary education for students with learning disabilities.
> Host conferences each year, particularly in October, Learning Disabilities Month.
> Provide and support workshops and mini-conferences.
> Publish the quarterly state newsletter, Scope. All members receive the national newsletter, newsbriefs, and most local chapters also publish newsletters for their members.
> Provide a central location, through the LDA/IL State Office, to support LDA/IL and chapter activities and supply information to the general public. Our State Office also maintains a lending library of books, pamphlets, and audio and video cassettes.
> Increase public awareness of learning disabilities in communities throughout Illinois.

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For more information visit ldail.com.